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Not So Indie Games

Nathan Fowler, Tyler Steele, Matthew Newton


iPad 3d Tile puzzle game

CUBE is a puzzle game slated to be released on PC, iPhone and iPad. CUBE merges classic slide puzzle elements with new ideas and sticks them on all sides of a cube for you to solve. Move, twist, and position tiles to make a constant path from start to finish. With 3 modes of play, CUBE is great for both quick puzzle fixes, and long sessions of brain twisters.

CUBE began life as a school project by Matt Newton, Zach Bohn and Dylan Spurlock. From there it has split into two separate games being developed simultaneously by separate teams. This version is being developed by Matthew Newton, Tyler Steele, and Nathan Fowler.

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Ephemere Games

Jodi Giordano


8-bit inspired tower defense game

Commander is an epic, classic and lovely tower defense where the path is dynamic: it evolves in time and you can modify it! You can also control spaceships to help you in your mission to save humanity and blow up planets when you have no other choice. What do you want more? Lasers, missiles, particle effects, nice classical music, retro sound effects, cute colorful pixels and a lot of fun.

Commander is under development by Jodi Giordano and his one-person studio Ephemere Games.


Majestic Moose Games

Danko Vassev, Kyle Okwe, Lawrence Collier, Ricardo Cianci, John Capaldo


third person action game inspired by DOTA

Majestic Moose Games Inc. is a new video game development company who is ready to make an impact in the industry by introducing fresh new ideas with exciting changes. The Majestic Moose Games team is a mix of fresh new talent and experienced employees which means consumers can be assured they can purchase quality products that appeal to them. Majestic Moose Games is developing products completely different from the other competitors in the industry and that is what puts them apart. Montreal holds so much talent for this type of industry that it is easy to find quality employees and also an easy market to penetrate into. What separates Majestic Moose Games apart is that they have employees with original ideas who are ready to push their limits. This is what Majestic Moose Games is all about, quality and innovation.

Their new game, “Damnatus: Rise of War” is an action packed, multiplayer experience that has never been done before. Looking to be released initially on PC, this game will introduce a new vibrant and exciting world with new and original characters. Players will join together to fight against the other team over the last remaining life source in the shattered world of Nu’Terrum. If you are the type of gamer who enjoys multiplayer action games, you are sure to love Damnatus: Rise of War. Look for more news at majesticmoosegames.com and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Majestic-Moose- Games/137560486268444

Phosphiend Systems

Henrik Boom, Richard E Flanagan


First person adventure game incorporating electronic music

FRACT is a first person adventure game for Windows & Mac much in the vein of the Myst titles, but with an electro twist. Gameplay boils down to three core activities: Explore, Rebuild, Create. The player is let loose into an abstract world built on sound and structures inspired by electronic music. It’s left to the player to explore the environment to find clues to resurrect and revive the long-forgotten machinery of this musical world, in order to unlock its’ inner workings. Drawing inspiration from Myst, Rez and Tron, the game is also influenced by graphic design, data visualization, electronic music and analog culture.

FRACT is being developed by Phosfiend Systems, a recently established independent game studio in Montreal, Canada. The company was founded in 2011 by Richard E Flanagan, a designer with over a decade of experience in the creative industry, who decided to take jump ship from his previous career to pursue his true passion, games. At Phosfiend Systems, we strive to make original, stylized games for the downloadable market that create unique, memorable experiences for the player. Our team is: Richard E Flanagan, Henk Boom, Quynh Nguyen, and Paul Forey.